Decker has now been in his new home for a day.  Its quite a bit quieter here now, but he is missed by all three of us girls.  I have not heard from Hedie yet to see how he is doing.  But I know how fast dogs can move on and accept their new living situations.

Yesterday when I was explaining what he eats, and what behaviors he knows and the commands for them, he was out playing with Tam.  Of course he had no clue what was going on.  When it was time for Heide to go home with him, we put him into the car in the front seat and he climbed into the driver's side.  Heide got in and he promptly moved over to the passenger's side.  No problems what so ever.  No fear, no aggression, just curiosity and wonder.

Later, I was remembering the day that I took possession of him.  And how scared he was of his own skin, and he didn't want me near him, and he let me know it.  Fortunately he didn't get his way, and the following months, though challenging for both of us, he came through like a champ.

He is now fairly confident, quit submissive leaking, quit barking, quit wandering, quit scarring the FedEx and UPS guys, got fairly good in herding, and learned to mind and follow directions, and has seemed to be over his fear of children as well as adults.

I am pleased with his improvement.  I am also pleased that I should be able to see him once to twice a week, and I can give Heide suggestions on how to handle particular situations with him.  Fortunately for him, Heide is the firm leader that he needs.  A leader he is not.  And calm and submissive is how he should be able to remain.

Fortunately for me, this chapter in my life is over.  It has also been challenging for me.  I have had to be the tough guy for quite a long time now, though the last couple of months I have been able to relax somewhat with Decker.  I was starting to love him, and that was tough to block this silly guy out of my heart.

He has a lot of me in him now, and that is why he needed a firm pack leader to go to for his permanent home.  I didn't want all of my efforts wasted and have him euthanized after all.

But luckily for me, last night I had several emails come in about my new puppy, Christian.  I have not yet seen a picture of her, but was just told that she is a cutie.  One of my trainers (I have two) and the person whose method of training that I follow picked her for me, knowing my preferences and me.  I'm sure he did fine.  Chris was born on May 19th, and I am going to pick her up on Friday the 15th.  I am getting excited now that her arrival is closer.  I have purchased several toys for her, a couple of great collars, that I sell non the website (Puppy Love in pink, and Red Tartan-of course-to match my other two bcs-as my husband would say "They are members of the same clan, so they should wear the same tartan print"), and I washed up some other toys, so they are nice and clean for her.

Red Tartan Adjustable Dog CollarPink Puppy Love

I can't wait to smell her puppy breath!

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