After the ASCA sheepdog herding trial, my husband Matt and I took the two Border collies and Decker to the beach.  Roland, my herding friend, met us there with his Border collie, Jessie.  I was able to totally relax with Decker, and he had a great time chasing the girls down the beach, playing in the water.  We walked up the beach some to an area that a small river runs into the ocean.  Ah, fresh water.

All of us humans threw lots of sticks into the water for the dogs to chase and then play tug-of-war with.  

Since this was a Saturday, there were lots of people and dogs on the beach that day.  And they had lots of meetings with other dogs.  All 7 of us had a good long time at the beach, and my two Border collies got the exercise that they needed, since they had been cooped up on leashes the entire day.

It feels good inside, now that I am able to relax with Decker around people.  I still watch from a distance and out of the corner of my eye for any body language that might suggest that he is in a fearful situation, but so far, I have yet to see any of that like I have seen in the past.

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