Today, I was out with John, my Canadian friend.  We were working on a fifth wheel pad that he was shaping with a tractor.  All of the dogs were out running around with us too.  It was a rainy type day, with drizzle but no real rain to speak of.  We thought we better get the grading done and the trailer back in its spot before the downpour comes.  Later this week, we are supposed to get at least three days in a row of rain.

My neighbor had some questions to ask me so she walked over through the property to talk to me.  She saw Decker coming, and has been instructed on how to scold him, if he were to charge her.  Well, he did just that.  She didn't shy away, but instead kept on walking and telling him to get away from her.  I immediately ran over, rake in hand, and he dropped to the ground.  He got scruffed and then he jumped up and ran over to John and my neighbor just like nothing happened. 

That irritated me, so I chased him and told him to get out of here.  He didn't understand what I meant, so I continued to chase him away from us until he finally understood, and went and laid down.   It seemed to me that he understood that I was actually mad at him for what he did.  We will see the next time my neighbor comes over and if he has learned anything from the incident.

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