We finally have seen Decker completely worn out.  My friend, John from Canada, is here.  He brought his two Border collies with him and his wife too!  All of the dogs were running around during the day as we worked with John's trailer.  John was parking it in a new spot and it had just rained.  

Here, the mud after a rain is terrible.  I have walked in it before, and I get taller and taller, with each step I take.  We also have expansive soils.  And when parking a trailer, where the soil has expanded due to winter rains, large ruts were made.  Needless to say, we spent the better part of the day trying to get the trailer level.

Decker had two new friends to play with, in addition to Kate and Tam.  He ran around all day, keeping up with all four Border Collies.

I have never seen him truly tired, to the point of not wanting to play.  This was good for us and him.  In the evening, the house was quiet.  No dogs playing with toys or each other, just peace and quiet.  That night, Matt and I had our house to our selves, even though there were three herding dogs in the living room with us.

It was amazing to see.  We could coach the girls to play, but not Decker.  He would just lay there, still.  He was tired.  

I always say, "A tried dog, is a happy and satisfied dog", and he was!

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