During Christmas time, my sister-in-law came over for a visit.  She loves to see the dogs and even gets them presents.  This time she brought over a treat that amaized me.  A deer antler. 

She has been carpooling to work with a friend and her dog.  Her dog, a labrador in training, loves to chew on these deer antlers.  In fact, her friend gives antlers to all of her dogs.  Nikki, my sister-in-law, had mentiioned in the past, that this dog she takes to work, just loves these deer antlers, and eats them in her car all of the way to work.

When she came for a visit, she gave the dogs an antler.  Man, you would have thought that the dogs never get anything to chew on in their lives!  Decker and Tam mostly swipe the antler from each other.  They better not leave it laying around, or the other one will swipe it to chew on.

In the past, I have given the dogs various treats, some of which wreaked terribly.  They smelled so bad, that the treat HAD to go outside.  Not with these antlers, they don't smell at all, at least to us.

They are also loaded with calcium and other minerals that are essential to a dogs well being.  So as far as I am concerned, my dogs are going to be supplied deer antlers as a treat and dog chew, from now on.  They are now available on the website for purchase.  www.SheepdogHerding.com/healthy-dog-treats.html.

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