Man, Its been raining since Thursday night!  Four straight days! 

Yesterday we had family over for some early gift exchanges.  Upon their arrival, Decker started to growl.  Matt was right beside him, and he got corrected for the growl and put into his crate on the front porch.  Later I let him into the house, so not to miss on an opportunity to help him desensitize to people.

He was unsure at first, then one of Matt's sisters offered him a chip and he was hooked!  I brought out some dog treats and he accepted them from the three relatives that were here.  He also spent four or five hours in the kitchen/family rooms with everyone, and had a good time.

Today was more rain, no outside exercise for the dogs again!  On to the treadmill.  Tam was first.  She gets in the "zone", and travels when she is on the treadmill.  She went 40 minutes at a slow trot. 

Next came Decker.  I have been trying to let him be secure enough on the treadmill, so he won't worry about where I am when he is on it.  Bingo!  Today was the day.  He went on it, I turned it on and adjusted the speed for him.  I then told him to stay and trot.  I slowly left the room and was able to package shipments for the website, out of site.  Yeah!!.  As it turns out, Decker really likes the treadmill.  He was asking to go on it before I put Tam on.  I made him wait though.  He went on it for an amazing 32 minutes, all by himself.  I am very proud of him.

Kate was on the treadmill last, and trotted for about 35 minutes.  All of that trotting should have taken the edge off of their energy levels.  At dusk, I went out to the barn to feed the livestock.  The rain had stopped for the moment.  And after I fed them, I got the dogs out and they got to go for a walk, OUTSIDE!  They had not been able to be outside for four days, except to go potty in the dog yard.

So the morning trot was for their bodies, and the evening walk down the road was for their minds.  Now their good to go!

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