The dogs and I have been fairly quiet this week.  I have started to gear up for a fun trial that I am putting on in February.  I have been rebuilding fences and restreaching fence wire, in order to make the place look good when everyone arrives for the trial.  

We are in the middle of an extensive rainstorm.  And just before it rained, I went out into the sheep pasture and seeded 24 lbs of annual rye grass seed.  I love the way the rye grows.  This grass grows really fast, compared to other grasses.  Even though it is only an annual, it should make the place look pretty and green, and give the sheep lots to eat.

We are really getting lots of rain.  This area is even on alert for mudslides and washouts.  So exercising the dogs with all of this rain, is challenging.  Today the dogs ran on the treadmill.  What a wonderful tool for exercising dogs in bad weather.  Tam and Kate both were on for 25 minutes and so was Decker.  Today was the first day that I have been able to have him unleashed on the treadmill.  He did quite well and did not leave the treadmill once during his workout.  I have also started wandering away, ever so slightly out of his view.  I am preparing him for being on the treadmill with out me being right with him.  

At first, he was nervous with me being out of his view, but I just told him to keep walking, and he did great.  Next time I will try leaving the room, and move just into the next room.  This will allow me to work on the computer while he is exercising, thus freeing up some of my time.  

Today I put the dogs out for a while.  I have built a gate for the front porch, so I closed it off so they had to stay on the covered porch.  Tam and Decker were out there on the porch running back and forth, rassling with each other.  Kate was being pathetic.  Sitting at the front door, looking in.  All she wanted, was to be back inside with us.  At least the young ones were able to play in the cool air, and not get their feet dirty.

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