A couple of days ago, my husband, Matt, and I were outside talking to a delivery person.  We were on the north side of the house and the dogs were out with us.  Decker was running around chasing Tam.

My neighbor next door had some neighbor kids over and they were visiting outside in her driveway.  Decker had noticed them, but didn't pay too much attention as they were about 1-200 yards away.

My neighbor has some dog agility equipment down her hill, fairly close to the fence that separates our properties.  One of the kids took off running down the hill to go and play on the agility equipment, and Decker took notice and took off after him. 

After I saw what was happening, I took off at a run after Decker.  The boy couldn't get hurt because of the security of the fence, but Decker's mind is what I am after.  Here was one of the best opportunities to correct a major flaw in his character. 

I yelled at Decker as I was running toward him.  When he heard me, he stopped and laid down in a very submissive posture.  Sorry, not good enough!  I needed to make a big point with this problem.  I ran over to him and put him down on his side, and I was on top of him.  As I was there on him, I thought that this is the first time that I have been able to correct him for chasing kids.  I needed to make a stronger correction, and drive my point home.  So as I was over him on the ground, and he urinated on my knee, I decided that I would bite him on the top of the nose.  And I held on as he cried.  I really didn't think about anyone else watching, as this problem needed to be addressed.  He could be killed for biting someone, and I don't allow that type of behavior on my watch.

He is a little bit of a tender foot when it comes to pain, some dogs just are.  He didn't bleed, I don't bite that hard, but it did hurt, and he let me know it.  Just like an alpha wolf would do for a major offense, Decker received a correction equal in intensity, to the offense.  And this was a major offense.  So, I am hopeful that he has learned a big lesson, for my sake too. 

I am not the best runner, and pretty slow and out of practice.  I have a herniated disc, so running could aggravate it.  I have been doing a lot of running since I got him.  Maybe I should take up running again, and I might not have a problem with my back.  Just sore muscles!

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