I had a student come over with his Zip dog.  He has had two lessons before, but is a pretty obedient dog, so we thought we would give it a try in the field.  At first, he was real sticky and did not want to move.  Later, as I moved the sheep around, he would just follow them.  After more that five minutes, he was still following and not circling around trying to bring them to me.  I had Kate come in with me to get him going.  After several minutes, he got the idea, and was herding sheep on his own and out in the field.

I do like to get dogs out of the round pen as soon as possible.  Zips owner was anxious to see if he would work in the field, and he almost wouldn't.  Fortunately, Kate was able to get him going.  We did lots of fetching and mini outruns, and toward the end of his lesson, he was doing quite well.

Decker did well in the field also.  I am still encouraging him to drive a little, which I think he is doing quite well.  He still is doing the Aussie thing of busting up the group.  Woopie!  As Decker waited his turn, he was whining.  This drives me crazy.  I repeatedly had to correct him for whining, until eventually he stopped.  Thank God!

Yesterday, I mentioned that Decker met a baby pig.  Well today, she was loose out in the yard with my neighbor's dogs.  Knowing this, when I came over, I left Decker behind.  He is too out of control with this little piglet and might hurt her.  But, Kate and Tam got to come over and meet the pig nose to nose.  You should have seen the girl's tails; they were straight up in the air, vertically.  I took several pictures of them together, and then went home to calm Decker down, as he was upset that he was left.

Creston the pig


Tam meets Creston

Kate meets Creston-look at Kate's tail


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