I received a phone call from my neighbor.  She had just adopted a baby potbelly pig.  The dogs and I came over to see it while she was still small.  Babs, my neighbor, named her Creston.  That's the town that is nearest to where we live.  She was found, dumped in a empty crate (milk crate), with no food, water, or blankets, and left in the local post office.  Not a very good place for a five-week-old baby.  She needs special food and should not have been taken from her mother before eight weeks.  So Creston was thrown into the world with a slim chance of reaching adulthood.  

When I arrived to see her, I thought that she was so little, about as small as the dog's stuffed squeaky toys.  She is covered with lots of hair, more than they usually have as adults.  She has white around her neck, and the rest of her little body is black.  

The girls saw her, but were not very interested, I guess because she doesn't baaa.  Decker on the other hand, was totally fascinated with her.   I kept calling him to come back to me and to get away from the piglet, but he could not contain himself.  Repeatedly, I would call him back to me then tell him to "leave it", much to the waste of my breath.  

Not wanting to stress out the piglet further, I grabbed Decker's collar and held him.  He didn't like that in the least.  Occasionally, he would tug at my hand trying to get back to the pig.  This tugging later turned into small cries, which I would correct.  

As Babs and I talked, the piglet made a little cry, and of course, is the cutest little cry ever heard!  Decker immediately jerked my hand that was holding him, in order to get to the "squeak".  We discussed methods on how to keep her warm tonight, from using a light, to a heating pad, to a Thermacare pad.  She settled on a Thermacare pad because if it rained, electricity would be an issue.  No one wants to zap a little pig, or get zapped themselves.

When I was leaving, I let go of Decker, and he immediately started to head for the piglet (Creston), and I had to support his coming with me, verbally.  He didn't want to leave the pig, but a pig herder he is not.  

Little Creston will grow very fast, and I will try to take a picture of her tomorrow, so everyone can see how cute and little she really is.

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