Decker pushed my buttons today, and I finally exploded at him.  I have been dealing with my online dog supply store, Operation Sheepdog Herding, not generating any money.  It generates some, but not enough to pay for the minimum orders that I have to put in, to order a customer's product.  Usually, the orders are low, but with my shipping charges fairly high, all of that combined makes it hard to absorb all of the added expenses.

Financially, I did terrible at the Humane Society Fund-rasier "dog fair".  I brought in several hundred dollars worth of product and only sold a couple of items.  I did not sell any Bella Bowls, which I dearly love, and my dog's actually eat out of; no sales for the In and Out Crocks, which are real nice for crates and I even own one; I didn't sell one dog collar at all.  No dog collars sales really surprised me and I even had gotten the girls new Flying Dogs collars to show what those neat collars look like.  In the spring, I had a booth at another dog event fair, and I sold a couple of collars.  But Saturday, I had a much better selection and much lower prices, with no interest.  I even had Halloween and Fall design dog collars.

I had interest with sheepdog herding though.  This was the first time that this event, in it's 18 year history, that it had ever had sheepdog demonstrations.  I was occupied, but was told that tons of people were fascinated by the dogs working the sheep.

So this morning, I was dealing with a product that I had shipped to me and actually sold.  I found out today that the shipping charge, with a weight of only one pound was 13+ dollars!  That was almost twice the product cost.  Then I figured that I had lost money on it.  I was fuming about it!  While I was getting ready to go outside to feed the livestock, the dogs were being restless.  I just opened the door and told them to get out.  Kate and Tam went out with Decker hanging back.  I am not much of a sweet talker, and was not about to lower my status, just to have him feel more comfortable near me, and maybe get him to go outside also.  So I took a breath, kept my anger at bay, and walked over to Decker and repeated to him to get out.  He did not budge.  I touched (and I mean literally touched)  him with my foot by his rear, then he bolted out.  I was not mad at him, inside or out until I saw that he had leaked again.

That's when I exploaded!  I screamed and yelled at him and told him that that was it.  He is getting a male wrap.  I have them on the website, but have never used them.  I have used the female diapers for heat cycles for over 20 years, but never a male wrap.  The female diapers that are on the site are super durable, and mine (I have 4 of them) have lasted for over 20 years!

Yesterday, I had just steam cleaned my carpet to get rid of his "scares".  I can't take it any longer.  I can't discipline him in the house.  Well, not any longer.  He is going to get it!  Rain or shine.

I will report on how well the male wraps work, but I guess they will be the best thing ever, and my house will be grateful.

Well, being mad at Decker, and he knew I was, and had tucked himself up underneath the pickup truck, to hide.  After feeding the animals, I had to go into town and was not taking the boy with me.  I was still mad at him.  I put him into his crate on the front porch, gave him some water in the In and Out Crock inside the crate.  I loaded up the girls and left, glad for the separation.  I was gone about 3 1/2 hours and was glad that I left him.  I needed some distance from him for a while.

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