Last night I was in town and has several minutes to kill.  I was heading to my church home group.  We meet at a church member's house weekly.  Our church is fairly large, so small groups have been developed to allow for close personal contact among members.

I passed the vet clinic, and it was still open.  I have been wondering how much more weight Decker had lost, so I turned in.  I asked permission to weigh him and the two girls.  Decker weighs in at 72.1 lbs.  Back in late August, when I first got him, he weighed a whopping 84.9 lbs!  He has now lost 12.8 lbs.  That's great!  I still feel he has more to loose, but he is moving better now and keeps up with the girls better.

Tam weighed in at 37.7 lbs. She has gained over 11 lbs. since her obstruction and surgery this summer.  She is maybe a pound or two lower than where I would like her to be.  I keep shoveling food at her!

Kate was weighed also.  I don't weigh her too often, as long as I think she is right in line with a proper weight for her size.  She weighed 37.3 lbs.  She has dropped a little, but I like where she is, so I will work on maintaining her weight at that level.  She is a smaller dog than Tam, not as tall, and a more petite, so it stands to order that she should weigh less than her.

All-in-all, I was very pleased with all of the dog's weights, but especially with Decker's.  I figure that Decker has lost  8.5% of his original body weight.

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