Decker stole bread right out of my hand today.  It was the end of the day, and the border collies were herding in the chickens.  Decker is too rambunctious right now for chicken herding.  I had brought out some old bread, to give to them once they were brought into their coop for the night.  I pulled four pieces out of bag and was walking toward the chicken coop.  Then all of a sudden, I felt a tug at the bread in my hand and most of the bread was gone!  

Boy was I mad!  I yelled at him, and he took off.  I followed him, yelling, (probably not the best way to handle things) until he stopped and then he got in trouble for stealing the bread right out of my hand.  I can not stand a dog that doesn't have manners.  Manners are not inherited or figured out by a dog, they are taught.  Just like with children, they have to learn self-control and be able to resist temptation and use impulse control.  He has more to learn.

Later I had collected two eggs and held them down toward the dogs.  Tam was there and she just froze, not making a move toward the eggs (which she loves).  Decker started to go for them, which he got corrected for.  Two more times he had to get corrected with the eggs before he understood what I was trying to communicate to him.  I will do more training with food with him so he is not such a "scarfhound".


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