We are refinancing our house, and the appraiser came over in the morning.  I had Decker out to monitor his behavior and how he allows a stranger to the door.  I knew when the appraiser was arriving, so I met her at the door.  Decker was terrible!  He growled, and wouldn't relax.  I instructed the appraiser not to look at him, or talk to him and just simply ignore him.  He was corrected for growling, and having her leave him alone, he soon decided that she was no threat.  

I stayed outside on the front steps while she was doing all of the outside measuring and picture taking, protecting her, as Decker is still a liability.  He did fine.  After she was done outside, she went inside to do the same.  I told her that I would be on the computer, working, and when she was finished inside, I would feel comfortable if I escorted her out.  The appraiser was fine with that and understood.  When it was time for her to leave, I escorted her out, and Decker was fine and showed no aggression.

I wish I could afford to have a party here.  I would love to invite all of my friends over for a barbecue and hang out for a while.  That, I think would be a good way to help him quicker.  Perhaps sometime in the near future, I will be able to have some kind of party with many people, in order to further help him.

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