I managed to get in today to get Decker weighed at the veterinarian's office.  I get a more accurate weight loss using the same scale.  Also, usually veterinarian's scale are quite accurate.  I promptly walked in, asked if I could use the scale, then with out hesitation walked Decker right on the scale and told him to sit.  He did as he was told.  I couldn't believe my eyes, it read 76.3.  I took Decker off of the scale, and zeroed it out , then put him back on for a second reading.  I wanted to make sure that the scale was correctly reading his weight.  Yep, just about; his weight has been recorded as 76.5 lbs.

I told Roland yesterday, that I just thought that I was starting to feel his ribs.  He said not to get carried away thinking that I am done with his diet; because he still needs to loose more weight.  I knew what he meant, but seeing him every day, I don't get to see the progress, now I am starting to see some.  Today visit confirmed it, Decker has lost 8.4 lbs, so far.  I still think that more weight needs to come off, maybe 4-5 lbs, but time will tell.

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