Today my friend Roland came over to socialize his pup again.  Decker almost couldn't wait for her to get out of the truck.  He kept trying to jump in.  All four of the dogs played for quite a while.  I was waiting for another friend to come over and join us with her young dog but she never showed up.  After the dogs played, I decided to give them sheepdog herding lessons.  

I sorted out the sheep with Kate and put three non-combative ones in the round pen for Decker.  I worked both of the girls once then it was Decker's turn for sheepdog herding in the round pen.  He worked about the same as before, a tiny bit better on the walk ups.  Roland watched, and commented how good he was working.

After I was done with Decker for his first go around at sheepdog herding, I asked Roland if he would like to sheepdog herd with his young dog.  He hasn't had her on sheep much at all, but he said that he would give it a try.  He worked her in the round pen while I worked the girls out in the field.  

When he came back from the round pen, I asked him how it went.  He said OK, but both of them were not used to such a tight area, the few times he has sheepdog herded with her they have been in the field.  I offered him to sheepdog herd in the big field as soon as I was done with the girls.

While I was working Decker in the round pen, Roland worked his dog on sheep out in the field.  He had a real good time; we had a large group of sheep for his dog to herd.  She had never herded a large group before but she did real well handling all of them.

After sheepdog herding, the dogs cooled off in the dog pool and I started throwing the ball with the Chuck-it ball thrower.  The Chuck-it thrower really lets you throw the ball a lot farther that just your arm alone.  Back and forth the dogs ran expanding their lung capacity and keeping their weight down.  I like to have the dogs really pant every few days expanding their lung capacity.  This kind of sprinting helps keep them in shape for the  up coming trial season. 

Several times during Roland's visit, Decker came up to him for treats or just for pats.  I think that he really likes him.

In the afternoon, Decker and the girls were outside and wet from swimming.  I was in the house.  I heard Decker barking and barking.  I ran out and the UPS man was there.  I took off after Decker while telling the UPS man that I would be right with him as soon as I disciplined this dog.  Decker took off!  So the chase was on.  I chased him all over the front yard, around the truck and around the planter until finally Decker looked at me and stopped.  

This situation reminded me when Tam was a pup.  She was a runner, and I had never had a runner before.  One time, when she was in trouble, I was through with her running, and I chased and chased her until suddenly she stopped and turned around and walked toward me.  She never ran again.

I dragged Decker all the way over to the front of the truck where the UPS man was standing, made him lay down and "bit" him with my fingers on his side as he lie there, and growled a No to him.  After that, he was fine.  And I was just thinking that we were through with that stuff, he has been so good for so long.  It just shows you that this fear that he has is not a quick fix.  He just needs some more exposure and more sheepdog herding.  Maybe tomorrow, its dog day!

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