Tuesday went real well.  In the morning, my friend Roland came over with his pup for socialization.  Decker greeted Roland as his truck drove up.  He was really glad to see Roland the owner of this wonderful pup that he plays with. They played and played, driving the girls mad.  I drug out the Bumi for everyone to play tug with.  They all had a great time tugging that toy.  I had never seen 4 dogs all tugging the same toy all at once.  But Decker and Jessy the pup had something different in mind.  They soon got bored playing with the girls and set off to wrestle in the grass.  Those two dogs sure love to mouth fight.  This went on and on, for well over an hour.

When it was time to bring in the sheep from the pasture, Jessy got to watch being on leash.  Decker seems to have a lot of instinct and gets real anxious when either taking the sheep out or bringing them in.  He kept running from one side of the barn to the other, in order to get the best view possible.

He has warmed up to Roland, and he repeatedly approached Roland and let him pet him!  Bingo!  The first real noticeable breakthrough.  No food involved!  

Later in the day, I went into town to run errands, and I brought the dogs with me.  Decker in the back rides on a Coolaroo dog bed.  I thought this summer in the back of the truck the floor would get pretty hot and I wanted him to be protected.  It took a little getting used to for him to lay down and stay down, but he seems to like the Coolaroo dog beds.  I have one on my front porch and I see him on it quite regularly.

While in town, we pull up to a signal and a motorcycle with a rider in full helmet comes up to our rear.  Decker was scared.  He starts pacing then barking, not knowing what the strange thing behind us is.  It was some kind of motorcycle Alien!  I was able to reach back through the window and grab him at the neck.  Then every time that he barked, I would give him a little shake and a big NO!  I think he might need a little more work with that scenario, as he didn't get a chance to relax, we had to drive off. 

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