Monday morning the girls, Decker and I went again on a 2 mile power pack walk.  Decker was great and gave me no problems during the walk.  Later, my Dad, who was present when I initially took possession of Decker, came over for a visit.  He brought his dog Stewy with him.  Stewy is a senior Aussie, who gets along with everyone and every dog.

Decker had never really met Stewy the time that I brought Decker over to my dad's house, as he stayed in the truck.  Decker met my dad at the car and my dad did just what he was supposed to do, no touch, no talk, no eye contact.  Decker was fine with my dad's presence.  Stewy likes to come to my house, and was anxious to get out of the car.  The two boys met and did a ritual pee and everything was fine.  

My dad and I visited a while while Decker and the girls played. Stewy being a senior dog, is not interested much in playing anymore, and just laid down beside my father.  A lot of Aussies are followers and stick to their owner like glue, following them throughout the house and yard.  Stewy is that type of Aussie, so was Bonnie.  It used to really bug me that she would follow me around everywhere.  When she died, I missed it!  Tam developed that behavior, and pretty much follows me around everywhere I go.  Usually bitches are more independent than that.  Stewy follows my dad around everywhere, if he can.

After my dad's and Stewy's visit, not much else happened the rest of the day, it was pretty quiet.

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