I have decided to add pumpkin to Decker's food.  He is loosing weight very slowly, so in order to speed up the process I am replacing pumpkin for some of his food.  He didn't give it a second thought and ate his dinner right up.

I have also been giving him Missing Link, a dog food supplement made from whole foods.  This dog food supplement, which I carry in my sheep dog herding supply online store, is an all-in-one Omega 3 Superfood supplement for dogs.  I feel that since Decker is on regular kibble dog food, he needs additional supplementation of essential nutrients and vitamins.  I have had the girls on supplements for dogs, all of their lives, and on Missing Link dog food supplements for over 9 months now.  Their coats are glossy, and their eyes are bright, and they have tons of endurance.  

Everyone now is on the Missing Link with Joint Support to ensure their joints have all of the nutrients for maintenance and repair. In addition to Missing Link, they get extra fish oil tablets and glucosamine.  Decker should loose weight faster with the addition of pumpkin in his diet and a little less dog food.

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