Yesterday was dog day again.  The pack and I came and this time I brought treats!  This proved successful.  I handed several people some smelly treats and asked them if they would give them to Decker.  He showed no problem taking them from anybody.  Later I played some with a toy with him in the agility field.  He acted like a normal dog at my friend's house.  

Later we all went to the other field and worked sheep.  Decker did fine in the round pen, but cried some while being tied up awaiting his turn to run.  He got in trouble for crying but most dogs have to be taught to be quiet while waiting for their turn.

I stopped at the vet's office to weigh Decker.  It has been 2 1/2 weeks and I was anxious  to see how much weight he had lost.  One stinking pound was all he had lost!  Can you believe it?  A friend of mine suggested pumpkin added to replace some of his food.  I had forgotten about pumpkin, so I will be adding it to his food as soon as I pick up a few cans at the store.  I must be hallucinating at his weight loss; thinking I was seeing a waist developing and a slimmer underside.  He will get a waist now as his food is cut even further and the pumpkin will help with that loss of food.

My friend Sandy, who's house I go to on Wednesdays, commented on Decker's state yesterday.  She said how well he seems to be doing and is a far cry from when I first brought him there.  That was good to here.  When you are close to someone or something, you don't tend to see changes very clearly, because you see him daily.  But Sandy's comment made me feel that we are on the right track.

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