Decker did reasonably well over Labor Day weekend.  There was only one incident with a growl, and that was directed at Matt.  He had just gone outside and saw Matt and uttered a growl.  He had never growled at him before, so I told Matt that he better address it.  Decker went on his side and that was that. 

During the weekend, I had several friends come over.  Decker was good and didn't growl or act shy in any way.  My neighbor came over for dinner on Sunday.  He was a gentleman but as she was leaving, he would lick her hand, but not really approaching further.  He is not very responsive to others for affection.

Today is dog day.  I will bring the pack over to my friend's house again.  This time, I will bring dog treats with me for everyone to offer him.  It's time for him to learn that other people are nice too, and they have FOOD!  We will try to win him over with his nose, and his stomach.

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