Decker did well today.  My friend came over with his pup to socialize her again.  Last week, Decker acted up right when my friend was leaving.  This week, Decker was just about perfect.  My friend even said he can tell that he is happier and more relaxed.  He has noticed a difference in him in just one week.  

Decker killed one of my chickens yesterday, so I can't let him have free rein any longer.  I moved a crate onto the front porch for him when I am busy.  So to protect the loose chickens, he will either be in the house or in the crate when I need to be on the computer.

During sheepdog herding today, Decker did even better that last week.  He was able to lay down several times in the middle of the round pen with out much coaxing on my part. So now I can get him start to hold pressure on the sheep when I stop moving.  That's nice.  I am still working on his fetch and expect that to take more several weeks. 

Tomorrow is dog day.  I will be taking the dogs to my friend's house to socialize and play.  I might work him on sheepdog herding there too.  

I am very satisfied at Decker's progress.

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