Decker went to church with all of us on Sunday and did fine waiting in the truck with the girls.  After Church we needed to pick up some groceries and he waited while we were in the stores.  The last store was the grocery store.  When we got back to the truck, we loaded groceries into the back end of the bed.  Decker was very interested in what was in the bags.  A few "hey!"s and he stayed out of the groceries.

Later in the day my brother came over for a brief visit.  I put Decker on leash in the house and instructed my brother not to challenge him by looking in his eyes.  Decker did fine and had no aggression problems.  No correction leaks on Sunday either!

Today,  all of us went on a four mile- 1 hour- power, pack walk again.  He did fine with barking dogs but he "keyed in" on a walker passing by.  I don't know if he was just looking but he needs to concentrate on the walk, so I kept correcting him when he perked-up his ears and looking at the walker.  After we passed the walker, Decker still kept turning his head, and getting corrected for not paying attention to the migration.  Soon after the walker incident, a neighbor was watering and walking around his yard and Decker was nervous as we passed him.  He doesn't seem to like people behind him, even at 100 yards away.  We will work on that trust issue.  I think that a walk around a near-by lake where there are a lot of people walking around and jogging and riding bikes would be a good set-up for him.  The more he acts up, the more corrections he will get, the faster the learning will take place.  At least that is the theory.

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