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Bonnie (Border Aussie-she is no longer with us)-She is the one responsible for my craziness about herding.


My name is Stephanie Summers, I am married with no kids, and I am an avid sheepdog herder and trialer.  I got bitten by the sheepdog herding bug over nine years ago, and have had a real fun time working dogs on sheep.  Sheepdog herding is a fun way to build a bond between human and dog.  What a great way to have fun with your dog, doing what your herding dog was bred to do, work stock.

I have had dogs all of my life.  While I was growing up, I had always wanted a horse, like what many girls want, and in my early thirty's that dream came true.  Now, that I am older and have gotten into sheepdog herding, I hardly ever ride.  I am down to only one horse, and am not sure if I will ever replace him, because training dog on sheep is more fun for me.  

I currently have three dogs (Kate and Tam and puppy, Christian), this revised and newer part of the blog will be about Christian and the struggles of raising a herding puppy.  I rescued an aggressive Aussie (Decker) - and the first part-almost a year's worth- of the blog was about him and the work that went into making him fit to live with humans again.

I have started training students in herding during the past few years, with a personal goal to generate more interest in our area for herding.

This blog will include dog training, herding tips from time to time, product reviews, and other herding dog related subjects, including raising a herding puppy.  I hope you enjoy reading this.

Sincerely, Stephanie Summers

Kate and Tam (Kate on right)
Below - Steph and Kate at a small trial getting ready to shed
Christian with her lamidoodle toy

Christian herding at the Creston SDT 11/ 2013

Introducing Corrie    Born 9/21/14

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