Herding Dog Etched Glassware
Herding Dog Etched Glassware

Dog Paperweight | Dog Vase | Sheep Vase

Have elegant etched wine glasses, etched coffee mugs, or engraved beer steins as prizes for your next trial.  Highly desirable herding dogs with sheep engraved wine glasses will be the talk of the trial.  Available in many styles, and can even be made custom to a specific trial, with fantastic fonts available.  Give fantastic gifts to that important sheepdog herder in your life, give etched wine glasses.
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Hand Blown Border Collie PaperweightHand Blown Border Collie PaperweightThese hefty 3" x 3" paperweights are truly a delight to see.
Hand Blown Border Collie VaseHand Blown Border Collie VaseThese lovely vases are beautiful to behold.
Herding Etched GlassesHerding Etched GlassesCelebrate a successful run or lesson with these etched glasses, or give them as a gift to a fellow herder or dog sitter. These herding dog etched wine glasses, dog coffee mugs and etched cold drink glasses also make appreciated awards for trials.
Etched Dog Coffee MugsEtched Dog Coffee MugsBlue glass herding inspired dog coffee mugs will make you smile with every sip.

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