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Our herding dog supplies here at Operation Sheepdog Herding, SheepdogHerding.com will have you back out there working with your sheepdog in no time.  Our rentless pursuit of top quality dog herding training products for the sport and lifestyle of sheepdog herding, are found right here.  We have strict standards that find and offer you the finest dog training products available on the market.  You can be assured that each dog herding training item that we offer is well constructed with quality materials. All of our dog supplies online are afforable and will help with sheepdog herding training. Make us your best store for dog training products!










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For your dog's amusement we have numerous unique dog toys, Multipet dog toys and durable dog toys.

Amongst our many products for dogs are trialing supplies such as training sticks, training whip flags, rattle paddles, and Corian sheepdog whistles.  The Corian sheepdog whistles are hand-made in the USA by a master carver, so you can be assured that the shepherds whistles are superior quality and have superior sounds.  Imagine never confusing your dog again with poorly made whistle sounds, and having your dog take the critical needed commands whenever necessary.

For the trialer seeking something a bit more on the unique side, what about trying our hand-crafted fashions, shepherds crooks, or whistle lanyards created from semi-precious stones or even out of hand braided leather or horse hair?  All of these hand-crafted items are high quality herding supplies from very picky craftsman.  They hand make only the best herding dog supplies around.

Our clothing line highlights the dazzling work of a hand carved block printer. Unique sheep and cattle images complete with the herding dog of your choice all wrapped up in ancient Celtic designs.

Be sure to check out our Accessories section for fun items such as: cards, signs and stickers, doormats, dog picture frames and dog coffee mugs and herding related glassware.

You won't want to miss our Free Info page, since one never knows when that information will be useful.

Don't miss our Dog Blog!  There is a lot of information on the blog about herding and dog rescue, including dog aggression and raising a herding puppy.

Looking for high quality durable dog beds?  Search no more! We carry indoor and outdoor dog beds in various shapes by superior companies like Kuranda.

If it's fun dog collars you seek, we have them.  Here you will find many kinds of unique adjustable dog collars, and collars made of leather as well as ribbon covered nylon, we even have center ring dog collars in synthetic material that won't be bothered by water, as well as traditional leather center ring dog collars.

Sturdy, attractive dog bowls are always a chore to find... unless you've landed here, at SheepdogHerding.com.  We specialize in veterinarian reccommended  Stainless steel dog bowls many of which have non-slip bottoms as well as beautiful glazed bowls to compliment any decor.

At SheepdogHerding.com you will find the quality dog supplies necessary for the sheepdog herder and their dogs, regardless of breed.  Purchase quality dog supplies so you can spend less time "surfing" the web and more time herding!

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Why Operation Sheepdog Herding?

  •  Superior Quality - We have researched numerous manufacturers, and have a rentless pursuit of the best, so we can offer you the toughest and longest lasting herding dog supplies available on the market.  Tested by friends,  family, and our customers, you can be assured that these products will last.  Some have asked "Why don't you sell cheaper stuff?"  Because we won't, and don't, sell junk! 
  •  Selection - We have, hands down, the best selection available for herding dog supplies.  We deliver quality dog products and customer service that are guaranteeded to work.  Why go anywhere else!
  •  Experience - We have trained herding dogs for more than 12 years and trained in other canine related disciplines for over 30 years.  We know what dog supplies work and what are gimmicks.
  •  Easy Ordering - We accept Master Card, Visa and checks.  Order online, by mail, or phone 805-235-8407.
  •  Premium Customer Service - We offer 100% satisfaction on all of our products, we ship promptly and we are always here to answer your questions.
  •  Security - We can assure you that the SheepdogHerding.com website and all of its ordering is 100 per cent secure.

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